Just keep writing …

Many of you know that by day I’m a legal receptionist. One of the perks of that position is that when the court house is closed, so are we. This past weekend turned out to be a 3 day weekend for me because of Martin Luther King Day. I’m good with that, it turned out to be an advantage for me.

I spent the holiday weekend working on my second book. I’m not going to throw amount of pages and number of words at you. Those wouldn’t impress my writer friends. But I did make headway on my story. And being more pantser than plotter at this point, I hit a major plot twist.

I used to read posts from authors about the characters talking to them, wanting their stories known. I honestly never knew how to take those remarks. I found them amusing and continued on with my day. Now I know the truth. They weren’t being funny, those authors were being dead serious about their writing. I know, it has happened to me.

When I started writing Phoenix Rising, I had a set amount of characters. There were six warriors, all would have their own story. That didn’t take long to change. More warriors popped up, mates showed up way before their story line. Some wanted their stories told NOW, they didn’t want to wait for their designated turns. Now I have secondary characters clamoring for their story to be told. I mean, really?

I’m feeling my mortality here, how can I write all of these books? Shades of Barbara Cartland … for those that are unfamiliar with the name, she was the ‘Queen of Romance novels,’ wrote over 700 books and died at the ripe old age of 98. No worries there, I’ll never compete with her or Nora Roberts. 😉 But I do hope to be able to finish the Kindred series that is threatening to be more than the original 5 or 6 books.

For now, I’m going to work on Book 2. I have no plans to release it until 2017, so it has a time to develop. Who knows? That novella that has been scratching at the door may be in the works before the year is out. I’ll just keep listening to the voices and write what they tell me.

Till next week,

~ Madison



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