Yes, I’m a stubborn cuss

It has been pointed out that I can be difficult. My response is often the same, “Difficult you say? Nah, I’m more stubborn cuss than difficult.” Which, will sometimes get a laugh, sometimes an eye roll, and sometimes no response at all, but the achievement is the same. The person thinking I was difficult now knows and likely understands that I AM AWARE of my predisposition…and, I LIKE IT.

Why has this become the fodder for my weekly post? Well, because as it turns out, writing with another person can sometimes titrate down to the same scenario of, ‘don’t be so difficult.’ Given recent events I was actually trying not to be, there had been sufficient difficult to last the rest of the dark half. But, try though I did, I cannot be other than I am and THAT is why it is my Wednesday post.  Be who you are. Trying to compensate for external events was actually making the work more difficult than less.

People can respect and work around what they know, but when you change it up, as we sometimes try to do; do so with consideration for what others expect from you and become a pleasant surprise rather than the other kind. I did apologize and explain my behavior which solved it all…but it did cost us a bit of writing time as we butted heads against one another.

Another author I’ve followed some in recent years has a character with a tag line of sorts, “Cannot eviscerate essential self.” I’m not a fan of the character, but I like the line. I would add, “Don’t try.”



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