There is a certain pressure in writing the sequel to a published book. A lot of it is internal. Some of it is doubt of your ability to create the same magic you did with your first book. And some of it, is the desire to live up to the readers’ expectations. All of it in a nutshell add up to fear. The kind of fear that can shackle you. Tethering you to a place where you can neither go backwards, but you cannot go forward either. It throws you smack dab in the middle of limbo. Those who know me, know that limbo and I are never a good combination.

I have found myself fighting my story. Not because it wants to go one way and I want it to go another, but because I have been trying to edit as I write. It’s tedious and it stifles the creative flow of words. No first draft is going to be perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I can do this. I need to remind myself of that.

Sometimes, you have to remind yourself of your gift. Whether that gift is acting, writing, singing, dancing, drawing, or sports. YOU are your biggest cheerleader, and your worst critic. If you do not believe in yourself, you can hardly expect anyone else to either. So take a breath, lift your chin, spread your wings, and FLY!

Until next week…..Happy Reading!



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