My brain is rebelling

As an indie author I didn’t have the funds to hire a formal editor. I self-edited. I know, I know this is a horrible idea. This was remedied when I signed with EBB. I already had a whole 5 book series out, but that was going to be our first project.

I was excited to finally have my books edited by a professional and make them the best that they can be. Then I got the first round of edits. The firs thing I got was only Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2. There was a major problem that I had to fix before the editing could even get started.

I fell into some bad habits without realizing it. My books are written in first person, present tense. The problem was that I kept jumping back and forth between present tense and past tense. I had to go back through the whole thing and fix that before any real edits could be done.

I worked diligently for about a week, using every spare moment I had, and some that I didn’t really have to spare, fixing this so the edits could commence. I got it done and sent it back confident that it would not be that bad when I got the next round.

Of course, it was not that easy. I got a message from the editor letting me know that she had not forgotten about me, it was just taking her longer because there were still some tense issues and my other bad habits. She tried to comfort me and told me it was normal for the first time going through a full edit.

Last week I told you all about getting the first full  edit in the mail. It was not as bad as I thought. I worked on it when I had the time and didn’t rush myself. I wanted to learn as I was doing the edits. I worked diligently, but smartly. I paid attention to what was being corrected. This way I can go through the rest of the books again before they go to the editor to fix some of the problems.

Since it is such a big job, we are going to have someone else go through and edit it again, now that I have made the corrections. After the next editor gets it back to me, I will fix those issues and send it back to the original editor for a final edit.

The other books will go to the new editor first before it goes to the publisher for the final edit. This plan is time consuming but necessary. I am hoping that each book will get easier as I learn to fix my bad habits.

Well, I have just finished the edits that I have now. I have spent a couple of very long days at my laptop, but I got it done. Now it sits for a week or two before I do another read through and then send it out again.

My brain is fried. I never thought that I would get tired of reading my own book, but I will be glad when I can say it is as good as it is going to get.

It’s off to dream land for me before my brain turns to mush. Until next week, remember that sometimes if an author does not make sense when they are posting on Facebook, they have probably just come from editing and their brain is rebelling.


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