What to do now?

It has been done. Phoenix Rising has been sent to my publisher for the final edit. I now await my personal ‘Sea of Red.’ My best case scenario is for a lake, not a whole sea. Now what?

I’ve worked on all the extra pages that go with the book. My dedication and acknowledgements have been written. The blurb and author bio are ready to go. The page of translations is done. There will be minute corrections to the book cover as soon as I go over it with the Boss. I can’t think of anything else to do until she sends my manuscript back to me.

I’ve got my room and car rental reserved for The Novel Experience Event in Atlanta where my book debut will be held. I’ve got banners and a good bit of swag ready. Still have a list of stuff to get, but that’s done in small chunks.

I’ve made the decision to do only one major book convention a year. Whoever thinks authors are rich is sadly mistaken. Single working woman here. And those conventions are costly. It takes major budgeting to plan for those things. I’m new, taking baby steps here. Right now, each convention is a vacation for me. Once my book is actually in print, I’ll feel a little more confident about putting myself in the public eye.

As things stand now, my series is going to run 5 books. I have committed myself to finishing those. It’s a personal commitment, one I plan on completing unless it’s taken out of my hands. After that, we’ll see how things go. By then, I should know if I have a talent for this writing thing or not. 😉

In the meantime, I could continue working on Book 2. I probably should. I’m going to take a day or two before I head down that road again.

I also have an ever growing container of beads and charms that are dying to be made into some sort of necklace or bookmark. I’m trying desperately to tap into my inner crafty self to come up with something that will turn into swag that readers will like.

I might even … wait for it … read a book or two! I’m so far behind on my TBR pile that I’ll never catch up in this lifetime. And there are two or three new books that I HAVE to have. Such is the life of a reader. There are always books to be read.

So, I guess if I was honest with myself I would realize I have a lot to do. I need to focus on one thing and finish before I tackle something else. I used to be like that, in another lifetime, before I became a writer. LOL

If you made it to the end of this, I thank you for putting up with my rambling. This blog gives you a clear picture of the clutter that is my brain these days. I will close for now, make myself a mug of coffee and curl up with a book .. or not. 😉

Till next week,

~ Madison


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