You’ve  made your list of goals for the year and are hyped  with excitement and buzzing with hope. Great! So how are you going to get from here to there by the end of the year?  Do you have a plan?

Here’s a simple anagram to help you.


Discover– Discover  who you are by knowing your personality and what is important to you. This will help you set your goals and acheive them.


Engage – Engage your mind! What  you focus on is what you will put action to.



Connect – Connect with people that will help you move towards your goals and a better future.


110672-glowing-green-neon-icon-alphanumeric-information4-sc49Identify –  the next step.  Work on that step until it’s  accomplished. Then identify the next step. REPEAT


D-3Dare – to dream. Dare to walk it out. Dare to take the next step and the next. A Dream without action is nothing more than wishful thinking.

depositphotos_33359469-Colorful-letter-E-from-paperclips.Endure – until you experience your future, until you achieve your dreams and reach your goals.

Never, never, never give up!

GO! Apply it to your life and make  your dreams become a reality!




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