Where the boat leaves from~

Lots of conversation around here about getting away. The sub-zero has set in and we are feeling the sting of the chill winds. Me personally, warm and quiet would be an immense blessing. I have so much to accomplish in the next two and a half months I think I’m going to be requesting MRE’s and a port-o-let for the office soon.

The next 74 days (minus 5 in the middle toward the end) are scheduled to the nth degree. Things I need to do for myself, things on the project that I’m co-writing, things on the swag front for the events I have coming up in March and April, things I need to communicate with my PA, things I will be doing for another author that is debuting in April under EBB, a teensy spot of wiggle room for a just in case something comes back ready before I expect it, and hopefully a little time to sleep are all crammed into the 1,656 hours that I have between now and the point of no return not counting the illustrious 8.5 per day that I’m working for someone else entirely. PHEW.

The boat’s destination is seeming less and less relevant as I consider finding out where it leaves from and how to get aboard. Mneh, at this point I’m going to be ecstatic if I wrap up what I have on tap. I’ve set an aggressive 1st quarter goal group and I really want to make them happen. 2nd quarter starts busy, but eases off to where I can relax a little and breathe before things kick up again for 3rd quarter. The schedule for the year has been reduced dramatically from what it started out to be. In talking to several author friends I admire, the consensus is quality events over quantity events.

I think I’m on the right track for a great 2016. Hope to see you somewhere down the road. Right now, I need to work or I’m not going to finish. Mwah!



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