I came, I saw, I left.

Savannah thinks she’s so cute posting alla the color and schmutz from the last plotting weekend. BAH! I like it less now than I did when we began, only now I can say it’s over. I survived it, but I’m not sure if it had run any longer if she would have.

I feel like in completing that process, that I’ve undergone a brain transplant of my story to a non-living technicolor mass that is hanging on a wall. She is giddy. I am not. But, I wasn’t thrilled about it before we started.

Long story short, this is supposed to keep it on track and get it to the done stage with better cohesion than what I had. Ever the skeptic, I think time will tell. I guess we’ll find out soon enough since she has already informed me that the wall comes down by the 31st regardless because she has more than me to worry about.

As if?!



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