Color my world


I love this image.

How sad that after so long I have no idea who made it.


I’ve always been a bit of a color person. I have been OCD for as long as I can recall and color coding helps me to make sense of the chaos. As it happens, I was very lucky to get to sit through a class with Cherry Adair on plotting that happens to use color coding. My world changed…for the better.

I know, so what. It’s still Monday and color or no color, that is a burden of epic proportion. Well, I bring it up today because over the weekend we finally finished plotting out the book that I’ve been working on with another author of Eclectic Bard. For me, it was a glorious moment. For him, not so much. I look at this image: (a nearly completed plot board) and see a flower like the one above, waiting to be plumbed for each shade and secret. Others, well others see a wall of sticky notes.

plot board

Some see the bucket of stickies below (my back stock) or the caddy I use at the plot board with glee for the sticky notes, (I know…there is a huge market for these little buggers that have nothing to do with plotting.)

plot prep


I see a challenge to learn the tale that is to be told. The colors are magical to me. And, thanks to the class, I now know how to read them. I like sticky notes, but to me they are more than a sticky note now, they are a story.

2016 has started. It is day 4, but work-wise I’m on week #2 since I pushed for 60+ production hours over the long weekend. I couldn’t be happier. I have made some great strides to kick off the year for myself strong, which leaves me tired, but energized for what I need to do for the other authors here.

I hope your new year is tremendous! Keep your hands and feet in the car until the ride comes to a complete stop if you’re hanging with us here at EBB – It’s shaping up to be a grand adventure!













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