Reflections and things to come …

Looking back over my life in 2015, it wasn’t a bad year. To be honest, it was probably a really good year.

I settled into a new job that I honestly like. I’m sure most of you will understand how important it is to work at a job that you like doing AND enjoy the people you work with. It’s a huge plus.

I took an actual vacation for the first time ever. In the process, I met some online friends that turned into real life friends. Since then, Jolanthe Aleksander and Savannah Verte have become my mentors and sounding boards. Because of them, I took the plunge and wrote a story that had been in my head for over three years. Now, it’s *this* close to becoming a published book.

I have met, online and in real time, people that have helped me, encouraged and supported me, and have created for me things that will pave my way on this new journey of mine. It’s been an adventure, one that is still new and exciting for me.

I remember when I first started working with horses, I was a sponge around the more experienced trainers and handlers. I absorbed all the information and advice I could. I’m at that point, once again. I am learning new things every day about the world of being a published author. I tuck away every bit of advice that comes my way. I’m not overwhelmed, it’s not daunting. It’s exciting, it’s a challenge I look forward to!

2016 is a shiny brass ring for me. I’m going to latch on and go with it. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted something so much. I’m not afraid to take chances, well, not very. Going to take a deep breath and run with it.

I hope you have a chance at your brass ring. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Who wants a life full of ‘what if’s’? Never give up on your dreams.

Till next week,

~ Madison



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