Time to Party – Happy New Year!

Amazing Fireworks Ove City Skyline For New Years Celebrations

Every year at this time we evaluate the previous year, and set our goals for the coming year. I got an early start on that at the beginning of December due to my schedule suddenly being freed for me.

  • What goals did I accomplish  this year?
  • What goals did I miss the mark?
  • What goals are worth putting on the list for 2016?

For the coming year I have one theme – simplicity.  It’s time to streamline my life, pull some of my irons out of the fire, lay down a few altogether and focus my efforts on the remaining irons.  When I turned 30,  I had one goal for every year of age. (EX: Read 30 books this year.)  Each year I added to that number until . . .  well it’s just not feasible or realistic to have that number  of goals.

I don’t bother with New Year’s Resolutions,  because they are destined to  fail. What I do have is a plan to achieve my goals over the course of the next year.

I’ve included trivial things –  like a certain craft project that I wanted to tackle in the year.  I’ve included health and fitness plans –  like the proverbial lose weight  and get in shape.

2016 is going to be different.  The scatter gun has been tossed aside and the laser sights are focused on 5 areas.  Just 5!  I know –  for anyone that knows me that seems  odd.  Going from 50 goals to 5 is . . . . simpler.

  1. Professional – (writing goals,  editing schedule, career development, courses)  I have a list of my writing goals, as well as a list of “day job” goals.
  2. Health & Fitness – (losing  the fat, getting on a regular fitness routine, and a healthy eating plan.)  Lose 50 pounds and exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week.  (I know I will have to work back up to that but I had the routine down before I  derailed myself.)
  3. Relationship – (Marital relations,  family, friends)  Embracing the empty-nest and have more dates!
  4. Home Organization – (For me this is decluttering and getting our house ready to sell.)  I have scheduled room by room to declutter, repair, renovate, and stage for selling. We are not going to get a storage unit to store stuff in,  we are going with the austere minimalistic approach.
  5. FUN –  because if you can’t have some fun in your life,  what’s the point?  What can I say?  The party princess part of me won out!  We won’t be going on a cruise this year, unless my new job pays really well but we will be doing something.

That’s it.  That’s the entirety of my goal planning this year.  I’ve been an overachiever for years and the more pressing issue right now is we are overwhelmed with the accumulation of  stuff. I’m tired of stuff.  I’m overwhelmed with stuff.

I have my appetizers ready for the party tonight, along with the spirits for the  cocktails (my brother-in-law is playing barkeeper) as well as a batch of gingerbread men with happy little smiles.  We aren’t  underwater like many of our friends in the area, (flooding) so we are going to celebrate the New Year with a small little gathering  close friends and family. Friday the first will be a day of rest and relaxation then Saturday is my birthday. OH yes, I will have cake.

Then come Sunday,  since it is technically the first day of the week  – the new plan goes into place.

Have you made plans for your year?  I find that if I don’t plan,  then  the year simply passes me by and I end up a year older. When I make a plan  and work on that plan,  I accomplish  things.  I may not hit the mark that I’ve set, but I have made progress.  I would rather be actively working on my own goals  than  end up a year older with nothing to show for it.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Whether you set goals or choose a more Bohemian approach, I hope that 2016 is a year of tremendous blessing to each of you!  Tonight we celebrate – tomorrow we  take over our little corner of the world one step at a time!

Till next time,





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