Recharging Through Craftiness

Courtesy of Stokpic

Courtesy of Stokpic

When we first  began planning for the upcoming anniversary special event,  I was like a kid in a candy store. Gifts –  I  need gifts for a giveaway! My mind raced with ideas. OOH –  I can make . . . . and the craftiness begins.

I love all sorts of crafts. One of the things I like to do is crocheting and knitting.  Yeah,  kind of old school but it is a relaxing thing for me most of the time.  I have undertaken a project for my oldest daughter however,  that may be my undoing. I am making her a Gamer jacket inspired by Assassin’s Creed character. First off –  that’s a lot of yarn.  Secondly,  to complicate things  it requires a new stitch that I taught myself called a Tunisian stitch. It looks pretty awesome,  but it is labor intensive.  This means that I can’t mindlessly crochet while watching The Walking Dead, or Castle.   I have intermittently  worked on other projects because I can “zone out” and whip out a cowl or infinity scarf in an hour or so.



If you look close at the stitches,  it has a woven texture.  It’s kind of hybrid between knitting and crocheting. The  flecks of dark are supposed to be there,  it’s part of the yarn design.  One thing I have discovered is that I can use my DRAGON to dictate the next scene while I work on this Christmas gift.

One of the benefits to me of this hobby  is while I am crocheting,  my mind is free to wander. As a Creative, this opens up doors that were locked, reveals hidden passageways and digs new tunnels. While working on charitable donations to a safe house here in our local area,  I am also able to recharge my  creativity and spark a few short stories at the same time.  Win win, right?

What hobbies do you have?  What recharges you when you seem to be running on empty?

I look forward to this coming weekend,  December 19th and 20th for our online anniversary event.  Sign up now! There will be lots of games and prizes!

See ya there!



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