Party time

It hardly seems possible, but


December 13, 2015 marks our two-year anniversary and we want to celebrate with you. Will you join us?


It is an online Facebook event with 15 authors talking books, playing games and giving prizes for two days this coming weekend December 19th & 20th!
You don’t want to miss it.

Personally, if you had told me when we began that we would be doing the things we are doing after only two years, I would have scoffed at the notion. I was dreaming, but my dreams weren’t nearly this big. Eclectic Bard is now the home of SEVEN amazing and diverse authors. MANY of our authors, and the house itself have recently been nominated for awards, and several of us are still in the running for the big Best Of 2015 nods…it’s surreal.

If this trajectory is what to expect for the next two years, I’m going to need a better seatbelt, this one simply won’t do. My pride at the journey and excitement for what is to come already has me bustin’ buttons… a bit more and I just my implode. It’s amazing.

I want to take a minute and say THANK YOU, to everyone. The authors, the readers, the promoters, the swag makers, the convention organizers…everyone. We could not be here without you. You have made this incredible dream a bright, beautiful reality for me and the others of this house. As I sit here finalizing details for the coming event I am awestruck by the names on our guest list and am doubly grateful that they have decided to take an hour and share their stories and time with us to celebrate. The goods just keep coming.

We have some great things coming for the event that I’m twitchy to announce now, but will make you wait to make the event that much better. Look for me and the others starting this Saturday at 10 am CST and going through 8 pm CST both Saturday and Sunday. We simply couldn’t fit it all into one day.

Thank you again. I hope we’ll see you there. Who knows…maybe you’ll find your next favorite author amid the list. 🙂



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