Quitters, apathy & trying again.

Every year we do a little holiday thing for the families we have served during the year. Nothing big…just a day, some baked goods, some music, a chance to say Hi. Three years ago it was a cold, crappy, sleeting day and there was a large crowd. Last year not so cold but also not as many in attendance, and this year it was a whopping 16 people including the staff, BUT it was a balmy 55 degree, sun filled day. Now, keep in mind we’ve done the same thing for four years now. (The first year was new, so we don’t really count it much).

So what, right? Well I’m mentioning it because it was yesterday. We on staff this morning talked about it and want to try something different to see if it effects attendance if we change it up. The boss came in this morning and announced he doesn’t want to do it at all, it isn’t worth it for the turn out. To say I’m frustrated is an understatement.

I’ve never understood the quitter mentality. Our other office on the other side of town has been doing this for years and their numbers, while better than ours, are declining as well. Their ‘answer’ is to cut ours and combine it in with the other office. THAT, pissed me off…once again the message is that our customers are less important and should have to go to a place they didn’t do business with to see us and have a chance for a holiday greeting. I personally think that sucks eggs.

The final word on it, for now anyway, is that we the staff here can try something different, but we’ll essentially get little to no help to pull it off and if the numbers are not significantly better, it will get pulled anyway. What’s a girl to do? 😦 I guess he doesn’t know me very well. Anyone who’s told me ‘No,’ or that ‘it can’t be done’ wouldn’t say those things to me a second time, but evidently my boss’ memory is not what it should be because he sure as shit did. Now I gotta prove him wrong. *sigh*



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