Time to hunker down

The cold weather is approaching. This is the time that I prepare to be indoors as much as possible. Living in Illinois is not a good place for someone that hates the cold to live. I was raised here as was my husband so most of our family is here. Those are all good reasons to not move far away and take the kids away from them all but when the cold weather hits I have second thoughts about it.

The benefit of this is that since I am staying home and inside as much as possible I can get more writing done. I can spend all day on a weekend lost in a world of my making and not feel bad about it cause I am not missing anything with the kids as we are all just trying to survive the cold.

This year has not been as bad. It is early December and we went onto the tree farm to locate and cut down this years Christmas tree in just sweatshirts. I rather like the change from bundling up so I can make it the half hour it takes us to find a tree and cut it down.

As my mind knows this is coming it has been bombarding me with ideas. I know the story line of the next too books and am starting some research for the next series. My mind is throwing me scenes from all three randomly. At least with the series I can’t get to far ahead of myself since I have the books and resources here I just haven’t had the chance to read them.

After the holidays I tend to only leave my house to go to work. It works well for me as I am not the best winter driver. Every accident I have had has been in the snow and ice. It has actually become a joke in my circle of family and friends that I am not allowed to drive in the snow.

So as my mind gets even more chaotic and crowded I see the time to hunker down for the winter fast approaching. That is good news for all of you because that means a lot more writing will be done and some new works will be coming out in the next year.

Until next week, try to stay warm and don’t forget to stop in all the craziness and enjoy the time with your family. You never know when one will be taken from you so always appreciate the special times while you can.


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