Where does it end?

“Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.” – The Imitation Game

I had not seen this movie. I’m not much of one to watch films. I have known the story of Alan Turing and his ‘Christopher’ for some time, and thought perhaps to try to sit through it, though certainly not in the cinema. I can honestly admit that for the first time in longer than I can recall, I am glad to have watched a film.

I know this has nowt to do with writing. I also know that lately I have found myself curious at the point of many tasks. The message I would have you glean from this is that, like Alan, perhaps it is not that we all need to be ‘normal’ or ‘proper’ in a single fashion. With writing too we should not become wrote to the commonplace but rather embrace the differences in styles and tastes that make each piece unique, even if not to our personal routine. Or, to put it as the character did, “You like strawberries, I’m allergic to pollen.”  -I loved that line.

I also love this one, “I rode a train today through a town that shouldn’t exist. I bought a ticket from a man that may not have lived without you and likely wouldn’t have if you had been normal. I for one am certainly glad that you weren’t.”

There are so many lessons coming full circle lately in the world. The timing, at least for me, of this film, has been in perfect synchronicity. I only hope that others are similarly moved to stop and remember where we have all been in time that we do not get too far down that path again that we cannot return. Sadly, I fear that precipice is closer than we think.



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