It will all fall into place…

The other day I was totally at peace with the small corner of my world. Today, not so much. This holiday season is not going as smoothly as previous years. Too much is still up in the air, not sure what’s going to be resolved in time, if at all. I try not to let it get to me, too much. But my OCD kicks in and panic edges its slithering tendrils my way.

Reading my friends posts on social media feeds, I see I’m not the only one. It seems that a lot of people are having difficulties, of one sort or another. I was always told that when you think you have it hard, look around. Someone else is always in worse shape than you. That adage has proved to be true time and again. Now is no different. My difficulties are small compared to others. I keep telling myself, “Suck it buttercup, it could be worse.”

Taking one day at a time, dealing with the things I CAN control. Trying not to worry about the things that are out of my hands. My book is still in the hands of the beta readers. One of them hasn’t even started the book yet. I am feeling pressed for time. I have gone from “I have plenty of time, no rush.” to “I see my deadline looming ahead.” Again, trying not to let it get to me.

I’m being realistic though. I know I have a lot more work ahead of me. I have to deal with edits of four people, whip my book into shape and present it to my publisher. Her opinion is valued and at the same time I am apprehensive. I want this book to be the best I can produce. My publisher knows my feelings and my fears. I look forward to her input, knowing how much more work it will entail. Trying to take deep breaths and not overthink the whole situation.

One of my favored lines in my book is “It will all fall into place.” It’s a personal mantra of mine. It plays on a loop these days.

I hope your personal holiday time is relatively stress free. Catch an old movie, read an old favorite book. Do something for YOU that gives you pleasure.

Till next week,

~ Madison



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