Day by Day

Many of you know that I duel it out with pancreatitis several times a year. This year the kick up was just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Do not be fooled, I tried to sneak some solids onto the menu for myself. Foolish it was, and foolish I felt, but I just couldn’t bear the idea that my turkey shaped jell-o was the deal for the day. I’ll be insanely grateful NOT to do that again, ever.

I am still thankful for all that I have, and look forward to being genuinely grateful each and every day for the gift that it is. Time marches on and I refuse to become complacent to thinking that each day is just another one. They are not.

There is snow on the ground this morning. I was up late into the wee hours to watch it fall and get to see it build before it became sullied by the traffic of our hectic lives. There is a quiet, regal beauty about snow that I love. I makes me want to write (if I only had a fire hearth to sit by it would be quite Dickens.)

This post will be short, as I was up more than asleep through the down hours and I want to write today while my brain cooperates with the putting one word in front of the next thing. 🙂

Happy December. -Aedan



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