Welcome December

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” The winter holiday season is upon us. Some look upon it with trepidation, some with great joy. I think there are more than a few of us that fall somewhere between the two. lol

This year, while in the midst of working and shopping for that perfect gift, I’m also working on the sequel to Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams and beta reading for a fellow author. Like Savannah, I’m falling behind where I had hoped to be. I have to admit to being lax on decorating my home for the holidays so far. If it were not for my child, I think I would gladly forgo the decking of the halls. The joy of seeing the tree decorated on my son’s face and eyes makes it all worthwhile, however.

December represents a lot for a lot of different people. Different faiths, different celebrations. The ending of a year and the heralding in of a new one. Whatever it means to you, I hope you are able to find a moment or two to embrace the magic. To see the wonder with youthful eyes. To find you moment of perfect peace. And maybe find some time to read a good book or two. 😉

Until next week….Happy Reading.




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