A day in the life ….

This past weekend I almost gave myself a heart attack. While going through the chapters of my second book, I noticed that several of the last chapters were missing. I panicked! So much for not working on any book … this became a priority!

I went through my file on my external hard drive … not there! I checked my flash drive … not there! Grabbed the printed manuscript .. there they are! No, wait … what about … ?? I recovered four missing chapters, the other two are gone. I spent my whole weekend retyping the missing chapters and putting them back into my two files. Then I had to recreate and write the still missing chapters.

I was heartbroken, heartsick and discouraged. After rewriting the last of the chapters, I felt a little better, but was left wondering if I had forgotten anything important. It has been a while since I had worked on my second book, the story wasn’t as fresh in my mind.

I imagine this is par for the course of being a writer. Sometimes things disappear for whatever reason. Who’s to say the rewritten chapters are better or worse when you can’t compare? You learn to let it go. You move on. You’ll catch it later in the revisions.

I’m not supposed to be working on these books right now anyway. I rechecked my calendar and realize I still have another week to go before I can start working on my first book again. I don’t think I’m going to make it. LOL Especially when the Thanksgiving holidays are coming up and I won’t be at work. It will be the perfect time to work on my book. It’s time for the oral read … can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but it’s putting me closer to finishing, and closer to publication. After these edits, it goes to the beta readers, more edits, then hand it to the Big Dog to await the Red Sea of Corrections. I hear she’s vicious with that red pen of hers.

Regardless, I’m excited. Things are starting to roll a little faster now. I’m *this* much closer to being a published author. It’s a good feeling, one of accomplishment.I think I like it.

Till next week,

                                               ~ Madison



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