Nobody knows it but me


Does the world turn upside down?
Do Scath inhabitants usurp the crown?
Do all who’ve gone through, live to fight?
Does light become ‘day,’ and dark become ‘night?”
Nobody knows it but me.

Does Rigor’s fury condemn or prevail?
Do we finally learn Kyrna’s eye tale?
Does Crystes finally taste blue kool-aid?
What debt or deal has Garamond made?
Nobody knows it but me.

How far tested is Amarine’s countenance?
Is it possible that Jondre’s is the true balance?
Will promises made be able to be kept?
Or will match-mates add to the tears they have wept?
Nobody knows it but me.

When writing a tale that’s been built up by others,
Sometimes we are stuck and can not choose druthers.
It’s the price of continuing the story you’ve spun,
And sometimes it means that you don’t know whose won,
Until the final pen-stroke when your last tear has cleaved,
And you know that this is how you succeed,
In bringing to close the last line and verse,
Of the story that’s lifted, or left you far worse,
Than you were when you started, because here in some part,
You’ve left it all on the table,
Including, your heart.

EVERY writer knows this, It’s not just me.

Kingdoms IS coming. Are you ready?




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