Why we do what we do

Writer’s block, writer’s depression, procrastination…they are all very real things. They are frustrating, exhausting, and even humiliating things. So why continue?

Here’s why…the mate came home last eve, one of their co-workers is a connoisseur of my work. 🙂 They FINALLY finished Watchtower and have now issued their demands. Kingdoms Fall must be out before the winter break or my Rum balls are being held hostage. I LOVE THAT!

No whining about when, or pestering…she’s made a demand and created a scenario where I am extremely motivated to get my own ass into gear. (you’d have to taste her rum balls). Granted, I’ve been working, but I’ve also been giving myself outs too.

She, and others like her, are why I do what I do. I used to write for me exclusively. Now, I write for the joy of seeing someone else excited about my work. So excited about it that they are willing to openly blackmail me for it. I just love it!

I made a counter demand though. I’ll finish the book, but I want a double batch of balls.  Priorities. I got them. 🙂



2 responses to “Why we do what we do

  1. I totally agree with you. I firstly started to write for myself until I realised how good it is to know that you can bring positiveness for others through your writing. All the best!!


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