Wherever you go, there you are

I’ve been walking this chunk of rock for more than a few years. Some days with purpose, others to escape the madness. What I’ve learned is that no matter the point, I can never escape one truth; wherever I go, there I am.

So it is for everyone.

A plot twist in the current WIP has reminded me of what so many have said, some more eloquently than others…to quote one, “You cannot eviscerate essential self.” With this in mind, I ask myself and everyone else;

What are you bringing to the table today? If someone brought it to your party would you be pleased to add it to the smorgasboard or would you tuck it between more favorable offerings?

I’m sure you can guess my point. If you would not have a helping of your dish, perhaps it is time to try a new recipe. I myself am working with the combinations. I hope to make myself better. Are you?




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