The Colors of My Life

Every season brings with it its own kaleidoscope of colors blended together to paint the earth  in hues ranging from the ice silvery white of  Winter to the new greens of Spring to the pinks, yellows, and blues of Summer, to the garnets, golds, and corals of Autumn.

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. The new growth of Spring and Gaia sending the earth to its Winter slumber with a myriad of colors that no box of crayons could ever hope to capture. I find it highly amusing, or not, how my favorite seasons are always kicking me  in the hiney with allergies. There’s always a price I guess. LOL

Everything seems to be going in warp speed. There are days which go by and aside from the blustery wind, I could not tell you if the sky was grey or blue. At times I forget to stop and breathe. We all need to put the breaks on from time to time. Life will get away from us if we don’t. It’s important that we notice the everyday little things as well as we do the major events.

Winter is coming. Too fast. Too soon. Before it gets here, however, I plan to enjoy the artistry of nature. I hope you do too.

Until next week….Happy Reading!




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