A rose by any other name….

I have two new best friends, Thesarus.com and a Facebook page called “The Writer’s Circle.” The Facebook page posts lists upon lists of synonyms for just about every working word a writer uses constantly. I now have over 200 different ways to walk, talk, look, ask and move. Thesarus.com helps me with all my other overused words. I even stumbled upon an Erotic Thesarus. Not as helpful, but an interesting read. These have been extremely helpful tools in my writing. They are also giving me and my coworkers countless laughs and giggles as we expand our vocabularies and command of the English language.

I carry a binder and a flash drive with me to work. If I’m not busy, I’ll plug in the flash drive and work on edits of my book. The binder originally held my notes … character descriptions, bios, translations, etc. Now it’s overflowing with print outs of word lists of how to describe character appearance, sounds, motions and body parts.

I find myself spending more time perusing the lists than making actual changes. But then I read what I’ve revised and I like the changes. I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere with my revisions. Progress, slow but steady. I’m almost done with a ‘corrections pass.’ I’m hoping one more pass after that will be to put the finishing touches to the book as a whole. Then the book will sit for a couple of three weeks, publisher’s orders. For me, that’s not easy. But I know she’s right. I’ve got a list of other things to do while letting my book simmer/stew. I’m finding out there is quite a bit to being an author besides sitting in a chair and writing a story. I was aware of this as a general thought. I am learning the details that it entails now.

I have already experienced highs and lows, doubts and fears. I know I’m not near through running the gamut of emotions. But I’m still excited. And that will carry me through.

~ Madison



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