Without naming names

I have a question…

How long do you wait for a sequel? Book sequel I mean. I read this book…a solid two years ago, it was obviously part one of some number, be it two, three, four, a hundred…it was the first. It was kind of sci-fi, futuristic…not my normal fare, but it got me hooked and I read the whole of it to learn that I’d have to wait for the rest of the story. Yes, I know some books do this. I’ve been sort of waiting. I mean, I haven’t stopped reading because of it, but I have checked back more than once in the last couple years to see if the next part had come out…Nope.

What is normal? What is appropriate? Do we contact the author? Do we just keep checking? Do we give up hope entirely? I’m a writer…I get it that we get busy and life happens. I’m also a reader and I want to know for both halves of me what is right or not in this case.

I personally feel horrendous if it’s more than a year between books. I know that a year is not going to get me on anybody’s radar quickly, but I don’t write full time, so I can do what I can do. I try to keep it to a year or less between books. I feel even worse to miss a deadline, and believe you me…I’ve missed a lot this past year to year and a half. (I’ve also rebounded from chucking my hands in the air and saying “fuck it” in the recent 8 months too, so I at least have left the pity party station behind.)

All that aside, back to the beginning…how long do we wait, and what do we do? I want the story. I ran across the first part again recently and it reminded me once again to look for the next that I do not see. I think if it were me, I would have announced the delay or given the high sign that the white flag was flying. I have seen neither on this front, so I’m stumped. What say you?



One response to “Without naming names

  1. I would check their Facebook page, blog, and or website to see if they are active or not. Maybe life happened, maybe they chose to take a year or two off writing to go back college. Or maybe they threw their hands in the air and said “fuck it” after dealing with some issues in the publishing world. If they are active on social media, send them a message saying how you loved the first book and can’t wait to read more. Maybe that is the motivation they need to want to write again.


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