Big Doors, Little Hinges


Have you ever taken a look at your doors?

Let’s say for instance, the front door to your house. This large mass of wood is held in place by three small pins that are no longer than 5 inches. It’s like that in writing as well.

I’ve said before on my own blog that the devil is in the details. It’s the details that can make or break the piece. If you’re making a birthday cake and on the top write out “my condolences”, it changes the meaning of the cake. If it’s an over the hill party, that might be funny. If it’s a woman hitting a milestone like 30, 40, or 50 – don’t even think about it.

That small detail makes a huge difference. In writing, keeping your facts consistent can make or break the reader’s ability to suspend their disbelief. You have to have anchors that hold the suspension bridge over the chasm of reality. In writing fantasy, the suspension of disbelief allows the reader to engage in the story.

For my next book,Valkyrie’s Curse, I am tying Norse mythology, archaeology, and a serial killer into a modern setting. I have to get the details right, which requires research. A lot of research. I’ve dusted off my books on mythology, my college books on archaeology, and the internet to get the details correct so that my readers won’t stumble on incorrect terms. It would not do well to throw out the names of Thor and Loki if I didn’t have the other facts straightened out. It’s a balancing act for certain.

For instance,  in my blurb for part 2:

Helena and Gabriella have recently discovered that they are Valkyries, and discovering their powers associated with that. Their new friend Aella, a three thousand year old Viking, is in possession of a  a map to Atlantis. When their new found “spidey/Valkyrie senses” go off, they are off on another hair raising adventure to Atlantis! Can they save the world before Jormungandrr, the Giant Serpent is unleashed on the Earth?

I originally wrote Yggdrasil – the tree of life, instead of Jormungandrr, the giant serpent.  It makes a difference.  Just a small hinge that swings a different door entirely.

There are key details that bind it all together just like those key pins in the hinges that support the door. I hope that my keys unlock the doors for my readers to see into my world, where mythological beings and humans  coexist in a fantastical tale.

I need to go oil my hinges.

Until next time ~Ellie.


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