Some people call me a space cowboy

The names are many. I’ve been called intense, abstract, aloof, focused, manic, obsessive, difficult, and a perfectionist. I probably am, all of the above. And, I don’t apologize for any of them. I believe whole heartedly that this list is sorely incomplete, but this really isn’t about everything that I am, just the litany that have multiple connotations, the negative of which seem to be the knee jerk.

I am a writer, but more than that, I’m running a small press. It means that I am constantly squashing something else onto the table. It also means that I am the first one whose portion is bumped off the plate. I have to do lists that encompass entire legal tablets with scribbling in the margins and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t add more to the list than what I have scratched off as complete.

It is manic, and difficult, and intense. Consequently, so am I. I have given up the egg-wash and sugar-coating routine in favor of clear, concise, direct communication about what is needed and how to get to the goal. In a time where authors are more and more responsible for every aspect of their book from concept to marketing and promotion, it is a 72 hour work-day in the 24 available. So, what’s my point?

My point is that we all are running 220 with our hair on fire and sometimes, just sometimes we need to stop and take a second. Whatever name it is, I would encourage every one of us to think before we utter it the intention with which it is used, first. But even more than that, when the word is about you, how are you receiving the message? Communication requires a sender and a receiver…are you misreading the message?

I’ve taken it as a compliment for years when someone has labeled me a bitch. Not because the word is flattering, but because to me it means that they are aware that I will not be walked on or taken for a fool and will stand up and say so. Words have power…but only the power you give them.

It’s Monday…whatever you are calling or being called, I hope it is the best possible connotation and gives you a reason to smile. Awareness is priceless. So is appreciation. I think today I’ll be Maurice.



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