Party on Wayne

This weekend marked the last formal event for me on the 2015 schedule, Great Lakes Book Bash. Hosts Rachael Brownell and Casey Bond did an amazing job of culling some fabulous writers from all stages of their careers and bringing them together for a grand event among the changing Fall colors in Kalamazoo Michigan. Definite repeat event for me if/when it comes up again in 2017!


I got to spend a couple of days with my long time bestie Jolanthe Aleksander and watch her debut her novel as well as spend time with friends old, and NEW. I’m excited for some of the connections I made at this event including a reader/reviewer/blogger who I’m goosefleshed over listening to how she reads…her attention to details is electric. (She dances a mean Time Warp too.) I also made contact with a printer who does hardcover work. I’m not ready myself, but as the owner of EBB it was an exciting connection to make for the authors of my house! These are just two of the mad conflagration of people in attendance.

That’s it for me this year until I hear the dates and things for the bookstore tour I’m signed on to do that may well start in December. 2016 is shaping up to be crazy in epic proportion, so I’m grabbing sanity and tucking it into my pillow while it lasts. Writing is back on the desk as is the never-ending job of editing. Words and more words…I love this life!

Keep watching for news updates as they happen, here and on the Facebook EBB page…with seven (at the moment) authors on the label, there is not a moment free. Grab joy where you find it…it’s out there somewhere. …Party on Garth.



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