Realigning the Chi

Sunset over the Atlantic

Sunset over the Atlantic

We all have those hectic times in our lives. Hectic can quickly turn into insane if we allow it. It’s so easy to go from handling the numerous irons in the fire to being overwhelmed by life’s demands.  Anyone ever been there?

June was insane for me. Two jobs, plus trying to keep up with my writing, my household, family matters – it quickly  became overwhelming  when  the second job demanded more and more hours of my time and I found myself working into the wee hours of the night in order to complete tasks.

July was less insane, yet still demanding.  I  failed at juggling my many irons, dropped a few, set a few on the back burner, and focused on the most important ones.

Sometimes it’s what is necessary. When life becomes unbalanced,  you either spin out of control or you readjust.  Logic dictates to me that I readjust. Never one to willingly give up or quit, adjustments are made on a regular basis.

August was intense, bot not insane.  With hard dates and deadlines, Savannah kept me on target the best she could. I’m quite certain that I contributed to her headaches on more than one occasion. Never the less, we got through it.

With  work deadlines, writing deadlines, and job demands one of the things that was put on the back burner was my anniversary celebration in July. The past two years have been rather rocky for my husband and I and this year was our 30th wedding anniversary. I consider that a major milestone!  In today’s statistics where it’s easy to get divorced for  whatever reason the people decide, a couple that stays together for five years is doing good.  The couple that stays together for ten is celebrated. Twenty five years is a rarity anymore and as you increase the years,  there are fewer and fewer that hit those milestone dates.

We both agreed that this milestone was worth celebrating. For one thing, last year at this time we  were contemplating whether we would hit twenty-nine years together. For another,  we haven’t had time alone together since we’ve had kids other than for our twenty year anniversary, and then again on the twenty-fifth year. The twenty-fifth year wasn’t what we had planned as life threw us a couple of curve balls with my mother’s death and his company having a big lay off.

Life happens.  You make adjustments to your course.

Between work schedules, kids schedules, college starting, writing deadlines, my author debut, and my sister’s wedding, our anniversary vacation was postponed from July to the end of September.  Postponed but not forgotten.

It’s been too long since I’ve had  downtime where I didn’t have to DO . . . something.  Being unplugged from the world for this short time allowed us to see what’s important in life.  I found myself asking what time is it on more than one occasion, to which there is a distinct shortage of clocks on-board cruise ships. I think they planned it that way. It took a full two days to let down and relax from life’s hectic demands.  Of course, when I relaxed I fell asleep on the top deck of the ship in a lounger with the sunburned face to prove it. Oh well, what’s a vacation without a few laughs, right? LOL

2015-09-29 19.24.35


Refreshed in a way that I haven’t been for years, with a renewed determination of my goals, I am ready to tackle the next leg of this race. If things start to get out of hand, perhaps we  will kick off our shoes, chill out and have a Bahama Mama  or Rum punch.

Don’t worry.  

Every little ting gonna be alright!

Beach at Freeport Bahamas

Beach at Freeport Bahamas

Somewhere along the way I forgot to enjoy the little things.  forgot to enjoy the process and  instead pushed to the finish line  in order to say ” goal accomplished”.  Life is in the journey! So, I take a deep cleansing breath realigning  the creative chi life force, and tackle the next day allowing  the creative energy to flow.

Till next time ~ Ellie


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