Cue the lights! Cue the curtains! It’s show time!

It’s almost time for my big debut! I’m experiencing several emotions, sometimes more than one at any given moment. They range from excitement, anticipation, high hopes, and nervousness. Surprisingly enough, anxiety is not one of them.

It may be that I liken my first signing to that of Opening Night of a stage production. You prepare. You know your lines. You go over your choreography. You believe that once you set foot on that stage everything is going to go off without a hitch. You prepare for the possibility of a hitch happening, like somehow your head hits the floor when you go to do a handstand instead of your hands (Yes, it did happen. No, I don’t know how. It’s a mystery.). You don’t, however, let the nerves take over.

It may also be because I know I won’t be there alone. I will have one of my mentors there to help keep me grounded. I had the privilege of being with Savannah Verte when she made her debut at ARC NOLA, so I know a little bit of what to expect. That being said, I also know being on the other side of the table, being the author trying to get readers to stop at the table, pick up your book, and hopefully (fingers crossed) buy the book, is completely different than being a support person. So, when I say I know a little bit of what to expect, I mean a very LITTLE         bit.

I have hopes and dreams for this book, but mostly, I hope those that read my book will love the story between the cover.





2 responses to “Cue the lights! Cue the curtains! It’s show time!

  1. Madison Granger

    You’ll do just fine. I can’t imagine you doing anything else. Have a blast and sell your wonderful books!


  2. You’ll do great! Sending lots of success juju your way!


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