New Family

I have been a self-published “Indie” Author for about a year. Dragging myself through the trenches trying to get seen and get my books out in front of the readers. I knew that I had an amazing story and anyone that enjoys paranormal romance would love it……if I could just get them to read it.

I had resigned myself to the fact that this was going to be a hobby and it would never amount to much. I couldn’t bring myself to quit something that I absolutely loved to do, though. So I continued to write my stories and pimp myself out at every opportunity that I could find.

I had decided that going to author signing events was a step that I really needed to take. I was absolutely certain that this was going to turn it all around for me. I can see the readers and tell them how amazing my books are. They would not be able to resist!! I was right in a way that I sold really well at events. The problem was it was not carrying over into sales any other time.

It wasn’t a waste of time because I was meeting other authors and going to panels and learning all this stuff that I had no idea about. I was talking to some of my favorite authors and they were actually giving me advice and trying to help me!

My first event was a big conference. I had jumped straight into the deep end and hoped I could swim. Here I was this little author that hadn’t even made enough in sales to cover the cost of publishing even one book with all these amazing authors that were best sellers. I pulled on my big girl panties, plastered a smile on my face, hid my nerves the best I could and jumped right in. It was the best decision I had made since deciding to chase my dreams to be a writer.

I met some really amazing people at my first event but then at my second something even more amazing happened. As I was wandering around lost and trying to find even one person that I recognized Savannah Verte saw me and took me under her wing for the weekend.

See, I had met Savannah at my first event, but we never really had a chance to talk and get to know each other. This time we spent the next 2 days talking shop and by the end of the weekend had negotiated for me to join her and her team on this wonderful adventure.

I have been welcomed with open arms. Everyone shuffled around and made room for me to join and be a part of their team. There was no awkwardness, no waiting to see how they should act around me and no trying to get me to fit in their idea of what a writer should be. It was like I had finally found where I was supposed to be and found my writing family.

We all have different types of family and we all have many different families. I am glad to finally find where I fit and where I belong with my writing family. I have found a place that I am accepted, encouraged, and given the help that sometimes I didn’t even realize that I needed.

So, just remember to look around you and appreciate the blessings that you are given and accept all the different families that you are a part of.

This is the first look into the chaos in my head. Stay tuned in every Sunday and see how much chaos there really is in here!



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