Storms & Sunshine

I am so new to the writing and publishing game that I pretty much squeak. I’m trying to learn the ropes as fast as I can in an effort to make as few mistakes as possible. I thought I was doing all right for a while there.

A few days ago, it all caught up to me. That awful feeling of being overwhelmed. I have plans for my book debut. Got everything lined up … paying for the event, when I’ll be able to pay for my flight, pay for the room, order swag, buy and order books, what I need to bring … *shudders* … that list continually grows. How am I supposed to get all of this on a plane? Would it be better if I drove the 8 hours instead? Cue music for inner turmoil. I have always been my own worst enemy. I can build a worst case scenario in a nanosecond. It takes every bit of will and inner strength to conquer my self-inflicted fears.

And all that is at the end of my personal whirlwind. I decided to try and make personalized book marks. I bought the shepherd hooks (too small), a few beads and phoenix charms. Another pass at the store had me purchasing stuff that looked like it could work. Hmm … Forgot something. I’m not the “crafty” type. Now what?

My biggest problem is I’m in writing limbo at the moment. Waiting for the edits on my book is giving me time on my hands and time to think. That can be dangerous. I’ve started my second book, since I’m writing a series. This means I have a lot of stuff started and nothing finished. My OCD is kicking into overdrive.

I don’t know if other writers go through this. I guess it’s different for everyone. What I DO have in my arsenal of survival items are friends. Wonderful women that are in this fantastic realm of writing and publishing. Some are on my level, some are a bit ahead of me and some are advanced. One thing they have in common is a love for what they are doing, and true goodness in their souls that allow them to help and guide others. I have had some of these friends for a couple of years, some I’ve recently met and others are brand new. Regardless, I know when things look stormy, I can call on one or more of my rays of sunshine and things will be better.

In the meantime, I’m going to conquer those bookmarks and they will be awesome! I’m going to continue with my lists upon lists and it will all fall into place. I will fix my first book when I get the edits, go through that process, and it will be a book I am proud of. And I will continue the series in the same vein.

I will do everything I have set out to do. Because I can. My support system has already told me this.



2 responses to “Storms & Sunshine

  1. I’ve known you for quite some time now and one thing I do know about you is that no matter what gets thrown in your path is that you come out on top and better than before. I am proud to call you my friend and I am so excited to see you on this new adventure. I cannot wait for your book to come out. I know I will do as we have done before, that is to mark our calendars for when the next book in the series comes out. Best wishes.

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  2. Breathe! You will do fine! You will come out on top of this , having conquered it all. I can so relate to everything you have said – the OCD, the list upon list, the todo list seems to grow more often than I mark things off. Can;t wait to read the finished product!


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