Feelin’ jipped (& a fill in the blank)

I realized the other day as I was sitting on the deck watching the sunset that we’d been jipped once again. I mean, here we are, late September, and there were more warm summer like days after the kids returned to school than we had all summer long. We didn’t even open the pool this year because June was rainy and July was cold.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the crisp fall days. I think my appreciation of them has long been because they were our adjustment period between the dog days of summer and the idle days of deep cold winter. These last few years we haven’t had that, so the transition has been less impressive in some ways. We’ve had MORE than the deep cold winter, having hit record lows and coldest record high days in subsequent years. When your record high for a given calendar day is a negative double-digit, it’s too freaking cold.

The summers have left a great deal to be desired too. Three years ago we hit 100 on Memorial Day Monday in May…that was a summer. Of course it was also the last year that my kids were supposed to be marching the parade, so naturally it was a scorcher. These last two though have been abysmal temperature wise around here. Guess it’s time to move on.

I’m becoming crasser in my age. I think year over year I’m more likely to open my mouth and spit it out. I heard that old women wear purple at this stage. What do men wear?

Yeah, it’s that kind of day. I’m feeling jipped’ and smarmy about it. The family says I should go write and get out of their hair. They are probably right, but I remembered that I needed to do a post for this week, so here it is. To make it bookish, let’s carry over the post to the writing world…lots of great works out there, and lots of not so great too.

Fill in the blank:
When a book (character in a book) does _________________, I feel jipped by the author.

Can’t wait to see the answers. Read something good today.  -Abyrne



One response to “Feelin’ jipped (& a fill in the blank)

  1. When a book becomes an obvious take of (ripoff in some cases), I feel jipped. I would much rather read an average original story than another copy of “FIll in the top selling author’s latest success”.


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