Rogue sticky notes.

I have learned how to plot in color from the master, Cherry Adair. Her willingness to share her system has endeared her to me forever! That said, she did not include in her training the mastery of bending them to your will constantly and they have minds of their own.  I find that I need to watch the colored post-it notes as they can and do go rogue. The plot twist that I proudly stuck to the board just this morning went missing. 😦

Several hours and lots of cussing later (because I had cliffnoted an idea on it) it was found stuck prominently to my behind. Whether that was its way of showing me what it thought about the note or not I will not evaluate. NOW, I have two notes for the twist and am vacillating on which one I like. Guess we’ll know when that scene happens. lol

Which brings me to my question. Do YOU plot, or are you a panster? If you are a plotter, what method works for you and where did you learn it? I am crazy glad to work in a world of writers who share great ideas…what is your best advice for writing?




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