The world, she’s a changing.

This world anyway. 🙂

As one of the three original Bards at Eclectic Bard, 2015 has been an intriguing year. We have grown to seven and three of the additions have debuted as new authors. A fourth will debut as a new author in April. With the addition of Miranda Shanklin, four of us are nominees for awards from BTS magazine, amusingly in different categories.

I am up for best book with Maggie’s story -The Red Queen. Aedan is up for Rising Star after his second book Warrior’s Watchtower released within the nomination period. Savannah is up for Debut Author, and newly ‘Barded’ Miranda is in the running for Best Cover for her first book Soul Journey. I don’t know how the voting goes, but I know I and my peers here would appreciate the shouts and nods everywhere you can make them. It’s exciting to be nominated, I’d love to see us win some!

I’d say things are looking amazing for Eclectic Bard and I’m newly proud to call this house home. It’s exciting to see the recognition, but it is also exciting to see new authors get to publication and their maelstrom of emotions as their release days approach. Me, I’m just glad to reach the finish line. The new kids on the block, I am sitting back to watch the frenzy; excitement, nervousness, nausea, glee, and I hope everytime…great joy.

Whatever you’re doing and wherever you are on the path – Keep going. The journey is worth it! Until next time, read something great. Blessed Be to those who recently celebrated Mabon. Let your light shine through the dark days.



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