ONE of those days

I should have known when I got out of bed and twisted my ankle . . .

then there was only enough coffee to make 6 cups . . . yet,  I mustered on.

It only went downhill.  At 7:35 am,  I received an email that I had an additional class to take that was due by the Close of business on Friday. Well isn’t that great! The internet was wonky all morning,  and no matter how hard I try, I can’t take an online class without internet access.

I had an appointment or 2:00 pm.  I  am ready to walk out the door and they call and ask where I am – uhh, leaving?  To which they informed me they had sent an email that the meeting was bumped to 1:30 pm.  It was 1:52 when we arrived.

I got to hear the  woman through paper thin walls tell lie after lie and great exaggerations while waiting my turn for the deposition. Give me strength please! An hour and a half later,  I was finally through with this part of the nightmare and headed to the grocery store to purchase our groceries.

Only to find that at the checkout the card readers are down.

I have seven items on my to do list that are incomplete. I don’t do well without checking things off my list.  NO, I don’t carry cash much anymore –  maybe it’s time to start carrying it again.

This has certainly been one of those days.  I think there must have been solar flares, or gearing up for the supermoon on Sunday . . . something. Maybe this is the beginnings of the apocalypse after all.

All I know is the whack jobs are out and about, the electronics are failing,  and I need coffee or something stronger.  Hope your day is better!

Till next time –  Ellie



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