COVER REVEAL – Jolanthe Aleksander

We’ve got another one!

Jolanthe Aleksander’s debut is almost ready to be released.

here’s the cover and a peek.


Things are not always simple or what they seem.
Daria McClaren is content. She has her dance school, her cousin Celine and the man of her dreams. Literally.

Iauron is uneasy. As the High King of the Fae, his chosen Queen Verisiel is calling to him, but he cannot find her. The court insists that she has crossed over. He is not so sure that is the case. He has searched every realm looking. Every realm, but the human one.

The race is on.

Beyond the veil lie truths waiting to be revealed.

Which one will have the courage to look?

Will they be in time?


  “Do you trust me?”
  She gazed deep into his eyes, breathed in his scent which calmed her nerves, and nodded. “Yes.”
  His blue eyes sparkled with pleasure and his lips bowed into a slight smile which kept the dreams, or memories as he called them, from crashing down on her once again. Her subconscious had known he would never hurt her, now her conscious mind did as well. The only questions were, did she trust herself? Was she brave enough to do as he said and face what was haunting her head on?
  “You do not have to face them alone.” Iauron read the concern etched on her face, “I will be with you. We’ll sift through them and put them in the proper perspective,” he assured her.
  She searched his eyes and face, “Alright, but could you let go of my hair first?”
  “I can do that, mo chroí, but first I’m going to do this.” He wrapped her hair around his hand and pulled. His mouth crashed down on to hers as it flew open in shock.
  An onslaught of images from a time and place she didn’t yet know flooded her mind. Not the terrifying dreams that sent her heart racing and her feet fleeing to escape. Images of unbridled passion shared with Iauron that sped up her heartbeat for a completely different reason and made her want to tear his clothing off and climb his body. She was drowning in lust and desire and didn’t care. He sucked the breath from her lungs, leaving them burning. She didn’t panic at the lack of air. She trusted him to breathe her back to life.

-Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams, Jolanthe Aleksander, 2015.


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