Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz

I published this on my blog – Quotidiandose – yesterday.  (See link below) The big event is just 2 days away! I’m mostly prepared,  but a bit frazzled as well.  I didn’t post last week when it was my turn because I was hit by the sinus blech.  I sat here,  contemplating, staring at the screen, having several false starts then eventually closed it out without a single word on the screen. Some days that happens. Then other days,   they flood forth like a geyser.

I am very excited by this opportunity that Savannah and Eclectic Bard Books has made available to me, and I am truly grateful.  Hopefully now I can sell a few books.  One milestone has been conquered, that of  having a completed book published. Now is the anxious part of marketing and selling the book. OY VAY!

I know this is old hat to Savannah and the rest of the crew,  but to this newbie it’s my first time.  I’ve been to these events as a fan, as a blogger, but never as an author. I still like the sound of that – author.  A legitimate author.

I hope you can join me in Kentucky – I’m going to take the day to bask in all  the gloriousness  then get back on my second book on Monday. These things don’t write themselves but it’s good to enjoy the fruits of your labors once in a while also.

Live, laugh, love- and read a book.

EBB has a few to choose from – why not get one of ours?

Thanks for stopping in – Ellie

Source: Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz


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