Magic days and other amazing moments

So a month or so ago we found out that Abyrne’s The Red Queen was nominated for 2015 Best Book, and Aedan’s Warrior’s Watchtower put him in the mix for Rising Star Author at BTS magazine for the awards being given in Atlanta at TNEE. Friday night we learned that Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball has made ME a nominee for Debut Author. I’ve been above the clouds all weekend long…forget that cloud #9, I passed it moments after the announcements on a squeal that was total ‘girl’ moment. It was and continues to be an amazing moment in time.
Other things of amazing wonder included seeing my daughter, who turned 18 yesterday, for the incredible young woman she has become. Shopping Saturday complete with financial reasoning behind decisions instead of rouge spending, calm retorts when speaking with her sister (which I have never seen before), and a willingness to make the trek to relatives homes who could not come to her but wanted to see her for her birthday… I know some of these things have been coming, but it was like this past weekend they all coalesced and came together at the same time. I had to pause and pick up my slackened jaw from the ground. She has blown me away.
A different kind of magic appeared yesterday. While out shopping and such I picked up a couple of the mega bags of Halloween candies for my table at the next couple of signings I have…


bring that much candy into a house full of teenagers.

I figured everyone was busy, so I set out to mix the bags together so the variety would be better – treats are important. All of a sudden, there were hands everywhere. I hadn’t seen a soul when I was unloading the car, nor putting away groceries…but by damn as soon as those bags were opened everyone appeared…and you’d think they hadn’t eaten in decades never mind mere hours before. Like the title indicates…MAGIC MOMENT. Candy conjures teenagers just the same as it does primary schoolers.
I hope y’all are having your own magic moments. I will maybe get back to social media posts next week…but another pounding of amazing things might just have to detour me again. I didn’t write a darn thing all weekend, BUT for what I got in return, I think it’s okay this once.
Have a great week!

One response to “Magic days and other amazing moments

  1. Wonderful post, congratulations on the nomination!


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