When there’s no one left but you.

For all the myriad reasons why words don’t come, I know this much to be true. On days when the world slows and I can see clearly, the only reason there is for me not to have written, is me. It is a hard truth. It is also an easy truth.

We as writers can fool ourselves for only so long that life has taken it’s due, or that we are discouraged because no one seems to be watching and yet in the end, what have we given them to watch? What have we done to make them sit up and pay attention? The answer is simple. In a time where immediate gratification is available from any number of sources, if we aren’t putting it out there day after day, readers will, and do, go elsewhere.

I think of this as a mixed blessing. For me, it is both the reminder that I am responsible for my journey, as well as vindication that there is a point to why I write. For me, this is the biggest and best push to production, because the only one who knows the story is me and if I want it out there, it’s up to me.

It can be defeating and the reason I stop, or I can choose for it to be empowering and uplifting. I can let it be my albatross, or I can let it be the spark to the tinder in my mind where the flames have ebbed. The choice is mine.

For that, I thank everyone who has stepped back and let me flail a little trying to find where the story goes. I feel immensely blessed to have the room to breathe. It allows me to realize and dream and become when there is no one left but me.

Whatever your path, I wish you enough. Enough motivation to keep going, enough drive to arrive, and enough kindling to re-stoke the flames.

Goddess Bless. -Aedan


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