Review, Rafflecopter, Announcement, and Coffee too.

Sorry folks. I’m completely turned around with the holiday yesterday. As many of you know it was weekend #2 of canning for me. I only know it’s a workday, because though not Monday it sure is acting like one…so I’m posting as though it’s my day even though my day was yesterday. 🙂


Super big, awesome, Social Media related news.

I asked for help understanding the role of an author’s Personal Assistant a bit ago. I got some great responses. Amid them, I had a chance to have a conversation with someone who I had met at a recent convention but didn’t know was a PA…they were patient and informative as I took in their responses and tried to decifer if I in fact needed one, or if I was just doing it wrong.

Turns out, I really can use the help because I am doing it wrong. Actually, I have no clue what I’m doing in some things. I am immensely grateful to have met, and to introduce to you (if you haven’t met her) Jillian Wood. Jillian is helping me figure it all out and is trying to steer me in the right direction on a number of fronts. Through my author page on Facebook you can message her, or you may get her if I can’t figure it out.

In the mean time, before we came to accord, we decided that she should read Viva Zapata to see if she could support how I write. I am tickled, giddy, and plumb proud to share her review of the book with you. See her blog HERE and check it out. You might find a few more books over there that you want to read. While you’re there you should also sign up for the Rafflecopter that is going on for prizes… Sounds like a win-win to me!!



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