16 Days and Counting!

16 Days Until my debut at Kentuckiana

– I can hardly wait! 


In all the excitement,  I am at a loss for words – which is a rare thing for me. In lieu of writing some rambling thing that in the end makes no sense I’ve decided to share 16 things from my to-do list.

  1.  A promo plan needs to be hatched! While I”m thinking about it – have a look here at BTS Book Reviews magazine on page 23! SQUEE! 
  2. Books are on order but have not arrived – this does not agree with my OCD tendencies. NOT. IN. THE. LEAST.
  3. Meanwhile LIFE continues with its demands and I have a packed schedule. A bachelorette party this Saturday –  calm down, no male strippers.  It’s an all day spa thing at  a place in Illinois.  On the one hand I’m excited  because I get a massage. On the other, I have to don a swimsuit – eek!
  4. Locate my swimming suit and try it on to make certain it fits. Otherwise, it’s going to be embarrassing.
  5. Yesterday was a doctors visit, today was blood-work, next week is  eye doctor and the obgyn – oh the joy.  Fasting for the blood-word I can handle, but that part about not having my coffee. . . . the nurse is alive after poking me three times simply because I was too fatigued to do anything.
  6. Pre-wedding preparations –  pick up the tuxedo,  rehearsal dinner, salon appointment so she can attempt to do something with my hair along with the other bridesmaids, then the wedding and reception. I wonder if she’s having an open bar?
  7. Figure out a gift. What do you get your big sister who is remarrying after being widowed? I am open to suggestions.  Desperate for them actually!
  8. Finish my swag for the Kentuckiana and send to the event planner. OK, technically this is two things but they are two steps of one item. OCD- remember?
  9. Complete my licensing classes for my day job.  Dry dull lecture with power point notes about Dodd Frank laws,  mortgage fraud, RESPA, TILA,  and twenty other acronyms for boring dry stuff that no one but  the people in Washington and mortgage officers care about. My eyes hurt already.
  10. Visit my daughter for an early birthday celebration which looks to be on a Sunday. I don’t know which Sunday yet,  and she’s not happy about that.
  11. Get the down low from Savannah on some finer details.
  12. Get a manicure!  This is my reward for myself for finishing my book. It’s scheduled for next Thursday. Now to just decide a color that will go good with a black and white dress, and look good in the tropics. Maybe I should search on Pinterest for something really cool that would work.
  13. Continue working on book 2!  I have the bulk of it down.  In revising and editing, I have noticed a few plot holes that the warriors vanguard could fall through, so I must plug those holes .
  14. Contact as many Missouri wineries as I can for a book tour. I live in the heart of wine country here.  I know most people think NAPA valley or Italy, but Missouri has some fantastic wineries. I’ve visited a few and could recommend my top picks!
  15. Clean out the multiple files  that I have for Red Wine & Roses. I have an external hard drive with  numerous saved copies, parts, beta responses, editor copy,  etc.  I think I could probably condense those down to a few now.
  16. Breathe. As the debut day draws closer, I’m getting more anxious. I find myself being anxious, being obsessed with tiny details.  It’s alright.  It’s all good.  Breathe, Breathe, breathe.


OK, so it may not be a big deal to anyone but me, but  this is a huge milestone for me! HUGE!  Tomorrow . . . . THE COVER REVEAL!

I’ll have links to share from blogs that are hosting my cover reveal on my author page. I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think of the design!

 – Ellie


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