Would be wording


I was most excited to believe that I stood on the precipice of finally writing Kingdom’s Fall. I showed my grand plans to a colleague who has been trying to ‘learn’ me how to plot. They managed to point out in 15 minutes as many plot holes and suggested I try again before I begin the voyage and save myself the retroactive editing nightmares. I don’t think I like them very much right now.

Yes, that it petulant and childish. Yes, it is a ridiculous stance. No, I’m not completely serious, only mostly. 🙂 Anyone who suggests that writing is a simple thing is on crack. It is by far the hardest thing I’ve done in my life and I’ve raised daughters to become young women of courage and character in this crazy age.

So, I am revising my ‘not quite plotting’ plotting and hoping that when I show it to her this next time she will give me her blessing to proceed. I know she is trying to help me, and in many ways she has helped me reach a place I was not going to get to on my own. The vision for Book III of The Vengelys Series is clear. It hasn’t been for ages. For that, thank you Sav.

For the readers, Thanks for your patience. I really would have no reason to try if not for you.




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