Editing, Coffee, & Panic


45 days until my debut!

Wow, that seems surreal!  Part of me wants to panic,  the other part says – chill! I’m leery of that other part,  that’s the part that likes to procrastinate. She’s gotten me in trouble before!

So many  parts to fit into place before then. GULP! When the cover is finished,  I will share it.  I need it soon so I can order swag stuff! In the mean time, I’m back to my editing desk.

So far  this manuscript is impressive. I’ve had to remind myself on more than one occasion that I am editing, not just reading. This is a good problem to have as there are times that the editing is slow progress, thinking that you’ve made headway to find when you come up for a breath that you have only covered six pages.

Can I make a confession?  When I am editing  someone’s work that I think is great,  I feel a little bit jealous.   In reading through it,  I wish I had come up with this remarkable tale.  A certain line or phrase resonates and I hope that something that I have written will resonate with my readers. I love editing for multiple reasons.  One of them is that reading through other’s work, I can use my grammatical ADD and OCD tendencies to a fruitful cause, and another is that it inspires me to become a better wordsmith.

Several of the authors that I have worked for will tell you that I am a tough editor.  I tend to be a grammar nazi and will not hesitate to point out plot holes or inconsistencies.   An editor is not your BFF stroking your ego,  an editor is the person that polishes the gold in the work, cutting away the chaff or getting the author to do it anyway. The most recent work that I edited (before this one), I pointed out some issues that the author took offense at.

My thoughts – fix it now before it goes  to print so that you don’t get bad reviews.

Their thoughts – how dare you rip my baby apart! Then cuddles their bundle of joy like I am some vicious beast trying to wrest it from their bosom.

I enjoy editing most of the time.  When the author mistakes my calls for personal attacks on them  instead of viewing them as editorial calls, it can  be unpleasant. It’s not personal – it’s about improving our craft.

The current piece in edits – WOW!  I know you are going to love it! And the author doesn’t consider herself an author! The story is amazing, and by the time we apply the spit and polish  it will shine like the noon day sun.

Now, I need to get back to editing and get more coffee. My cup is empty and I am not a morning person.

Till next time –




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