Good Wednesday to the ‘Worders’…

I’m tackling a different thing just now…editing. Or, perhaps more aptly…consulting. I am actually finding it to be quite enlightening as well. We have a new author debuting in October whose manuscript has a spot of a fantasy bend to it, so the owner asked if I’d give it the once over on world-building, etc. I con honestly tell you that never not once have I stopped to think about the process. Which could be part of why Kingdoms has been such a paradigm shift for me even after working with a plotter. I never would have claimed it before, but I am a total pantster when I write.

It would seem that this journey watching someone else’s development is a good thing for me as I look at my own. The introspection is valuable. It is also nerve mashing as well. I’ll keep you posted on what I learn as I go. So far I have learned that fantasy reading/writing is significantly more challenging when you don’t know the tale. 🙂


’til next time. Read something amazing!



One response to “Wordering

  1. My fingers are starting to get twitchy! Can’t wait to read it!


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