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Friday…and other favorite ‘F’ words

I’ve been bouncin’ around this here fancy marble for a half century or so now and I think I’ve learnt a thing or three. There will never be enough hours in the day for everything I need to accomplish and the sleep I want. Life is full of hard choices like that.

Parents grow older and one day all the pieces of their mind that they gave in their lifetime pop up, decide to call the tally due, and leave en masse without warning. Children become young people and adults before your eyes, but in their own minds they are still on the playground playing keep away…at least some are, and I’d like to strangle them.

I have been advised that prints and stripes cannot be worn together. I don’t know who made the rule, but it is evidently a rule. I have been staging my own personal mutiny with wild print socks under my stripe trousers on a regular basis in defiance of this rule. So far, I’m winning my rebellion.

Anything you say can and will be used against you everywhere, even if it is please, pardon me, or you’re welcome. The general public has become a frightening domain of folks who are looking for something to pick at.  What in hades has happened to us?

Still, some things will always be true. There is no smell I’d rather rise to than that of bacon and fresh brewed dark bean juice. The moment in the wee hours when everyone is still and peaceful in slumber and I can look upon them without a retort of ‘what are you looking at?’ is my favorite time of the day. There is no better way to close the day than in the dim listening to the crickets sing. And, there is a calm to thunderstorms that make everything better. EVERY. thing.

I realized about a decade ago that I was not put here to gently lay stones and pave a cobbled path for others to follow. No, I was put here to blaze a trail through the brush and light up the sky with fireworks, peals of laughter, and squeals of delight at the little things that others miss as they rush to jobs they hate, to pay bills they can’t afford without the job they hate, but they have because of the job they hate.

The lesson had been long lost on me. Learning it was liberating. There is a resonant joy to dancing skyclad in the rain. There is a perfect harmony to working the soil. And, there is a bone deep gratification to spinning a tale that takes you, and others if they choose, to somewhere else for just a little while.

It took a number of decades to realize the point of being here in this time. There are LOADS of distractions to keep us from seeing where it is that we are meant to go and how to get there. I like to think that I’m on the right path and have many more decades to pursue it all. For now, there are a number of ‘F’ words that I haven’t explored today…no time like the present.

Enjoy the gifts you have been given. You never know when they will be out of reach. Today looks like it will be a grand conflagration of my favorites. A thunderstorm is inbound, I have a small window to work on words with a quiet house, I’ve enjoyed a large cuppa jo with fresh eggs, and there are fresh linens on the bed that I believe need to be broken in. (that’s a mucha hint as you get).

Have a grand reading weekend. -Abyrne




Workin’ n’ Playin’ – LITERALLY



Literally texted and emailed from the tailgate for this show to try to stay on track for someone else’s deadline. I think I need to find a calendar date and go primitive – NO CONNECTION to anything.

I thought I’d take a break from my VIVA ZAPATA posts for a week and do a social media link I came across instead.

Check it out HERE.  Says 5 things EVERY author should know…

Diluted? Three years later, still not yet.

Two days ago there was an announcement made that The Red Queen was nominated for Best Book for 2015 with the BTS magazine book awards. More than once I’ve caught myself staring at the wall in disbelief. I want to take a moment first off to say thank you to everyone who read it, everyone who posted a review, everyone who gave it to a friend, and everyone who appreciated the point of it.


I am filled with mixed thought right now. Three years ago today, Margaret passed beyond this world away from us. I find a great joy in the idea that perhaps she had a hand in the voting that brought her tale to the next round of nominations for the award. I find a great sadness in the thought that she isn’t here to see it come to pass. This series would likely be very different without her. The Red Queen certainly would have a different track, if in fact she got one at all.


I hope that somewhere beyond this place we recognize that she has seen the tale unfold and decreed it worthy. I plan to spend a good deal of time with her in the forefront of my mind later this year when the cold winds are blowing to write the second part of her story and final book of the series, Lock & Key.  That event too holds mixed emotion.

Part of me looks forward to the telling. Another part of me considers it as it sits on my desk with great trepidation because there is the inevitable final line and I will fight not to write ‘The end’. We’ve already had to say goodbye once, I’m not inclined to do so again.

So, with that in mind I will say to my (our) sweet friend Margaret, on this anniversary day and every other one between;

Until we meet again one day my friend…we miss you.


Panic Time


Today marks the 30 day countdown. While Abyrne and Aedan are celebrating, I’m having a minor freak out. Frantically working on edits, waiting for my cover, checking my to do list frequently to see if I can check anything off.

Red Wine & Roses debuts at Kentuckiana in 30 days!!! Every weekend from now until then is booked.  My sister is getting married and I am a bridesmaid.

I still need to order stuff!  I still need a cover!

This calls for the big cup. Caffiene is my friend. I’ll have more next time, see you then!



WWooooahhh Wednesday

It’s Worder Wednesday and I had a lovely post all planned. My plans were blasted clean out the water this morn when I found out that I and a fellow Eclectic Bard Books author are among the nominees for the 2015 BTS Magazine Book Awards.


There is a certain amount of  OUH MAH GODDESS happening at my house. To see the current listing of nominees click HERE. It appears that there may be additional nominees coming yet, so who knows.

At this time I am nominated under the ‘Rising Star’ category for Warrior’s Watchtower, which was the second book in the Vengelys Series. Abyrne Mostyn is also nominated for The Red Queen in the Best Book category.

For the now I want to say a huge thank you to anyone involved in this and especially the readers who loved the story and shared, or who left reviews so others could see their thoughts. You all have totally made my Wednesday.

I’ll hold the other post for a week and pop it up. I’m completely blown away by this nomination and cannot touch the ground yet.

Thank you.


Savie’s Social Monday

Gonna have to ditch y’all for the day. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow. Summer cold jumped up and nailed my ass to the wall yesterday. Everything, including my hair hurts. 😦


Yehp. Friday came and went and I was none the wiser. So, it is F3 Saturday.

I’ve spent some recent time thinking about Some Might Call it Magick, the next book in the series. As you were made aware last week, I’ve also wondered if this genre has past its peak. I cannot say that I know the answer to either. With SMCiM I have a collection of shorts about people you’ve met so far in the series who will not get their own book but do have a story to tell. It’s a liberation of sorts as there are no boundaries for them.

Short stories are classified as under 7,500 words and these are easily that. In some ways it is bringing the series full circle before the last installation as Swingers was technically novelette length, The Dom’s Diary was Novella length and Maggie’s tale, The Red Queen was well past the threshold for novel length. How fitting that there should now be a short story group in the mix?

Last up will be Lock & Key. I know that story better than I know any of the shorts coming out next. That story also marks the end of the F3 series. It is with mixed emotion that I put it off until next year (which is where it was slated anyway) as I do not know that I have a book goal beyond it.

I have been given great opportunities to help other authors recently and I’m honestly enjoying it more than the pen just now. There is a decision on the horizon. Perhaps I’ll know the answer to that question when then sun sets on F3.

Then again, perhaps I won’t.



In the last few posts, the discussion has been food.  Have you ever noticed that when  people begin talking about food you suddenly get a taste for something, like Klondike bars? Yeah, don’t think I wasn’t drooling over those images.

I won’t even begin to go into the guinea pig discussion. I’ve been trying real hard to resist temptation,eat nutritious wholesome foods, and exercise regularly to drop some weight. To say that I have expanded my horizons would be the understatement of the century.  I was in a car accident a few years ago and still have some issues from  back injury.

At one time I was in the gym doing 45 minutes of cardio at a time, and I was making progress in my battle against the bulge. The bulge has won the last few rounds, but I’m not down for the count just yet.

Instead of using the cardio equipment at the gym, I’ve spent more time outdoors walking.  Walking is supposed to be good exercise.  It isn’t as jarring as running, and with the extra weight on my frame, it’s probably not a good idea for me to run  even if I could. I was eeling pretty proud of myself last night, upping my routine from  .8 miles to 1.2 miles.  Discouraging considering I was doing nearly 5 miles three years ago,  but  definitely progress from the .4 mile that was at my full limit  at the beginning in March.

On the one hand,  I was an athlete in my youth, running 5 miles a day.  On the other hand, after college I settled into too much of a sedentary lifestyle.  There have been times when we  would be more active, but after my car accident I haven’t dealt well with it.  Life throws things at you that  were unplanned.   Pain can be a strong motivator.  After wallowing in self pity for a while, and self medicating with food, I’ve gained back the weight that I fought so hard to lose.

I remember how I felt when I was in shape, and I know how I feel now.  The gap between the two is shrinking – slowly, but it’s shrinking. So how does this tie in  to my mention of food  at the beginning?  Easy –  I’ve been stressed out these past few weeks with too many irons in the fire. The dayjob has  license renewal obligations  that  require me to take a class in September. I just finished a freelance editing job for a course that I co-teach in the fall. I wrapped another editing job for an author  while doing revisions on my book. I have a book coming out –  there are urgent  things that must be done! Both of my kids are  in college this fall, at two different colleges. The youngest begins next week, the oldest the following week.  It’s like a whirlwind, or a merry-go-round that is out of control.

In other words, I’ve been stressed.  I am a stress eater.  There are no junk foods in my kitchen, I made a point of that in order to behave on my eating plan. The desire to munch my way through  an entire bag of chips is still there.  I ahve chewed the end off my inkpen.  I’ve chewed through several glasses of ice.  I’ve chewed an entire pack of gum.  Stress eating is a thing with me.  I’m trying to avoid  consuming extra calories but the call is getting louder.

Are any of you stress eaters?  Do you snack on sweets? salty?  Or whatever you can get your hands on?

That salad doesn’t hold the same appeal as a bacon double cheeseburger, it just doesn’t.  I can’t wait until Sunday, my splurge day. I’m going to buy some Klondike bars and some steaks to grill.   – Ellie


Peanut Butter chip romance

I think the bakery girl loves me. When I get stressed, I have certain go to items; coffee, Reese cups, peanut butter cookies with peanuts and peanut butter chips dipped in chocolate, kettle chips with dip, an aged scotch when the day is done…nothing really weird, but go to things. Quick things that I can pop and keep working because quitting is never an option.

Anyhooop, I think the bakery girl is on to me because I went in to get more cookies and when she saw me walk in she disappeared. At first I was flummoxed. I KNOW she saw me. When she reappeared, I had to pause because were I a single bloke I might have kissed her. She brought out a tray of ‘custom’ cookies JUST FOR ME. Thick peanut butter cookies with peanuts and DOUBLE peanut butter chips as a sandwich with peanut butter/chocolate blend in the middle…all dipped in chocolate. She said I’m the guinea pig. 🙂 I’ve never been so happy to be called a “pig” is alla my life.

I guess the point of telling you this is that we all have tells in our lives. Guess my cookie consumption is one of mine. Our characters have tells too. I have been getting to know a few of my characters a little better recently and have been trying to learn their tells. I’ll be interested to know when Kingdom’s comes out  if any of you spot them. I’m trying to write a more sensory-engaging book. Let’s hope alla these cookies get me there or the extra weight is going to be really tough to explain. 🙂

Have a great reading week!

Klondike bars & ink pens


It’s my day to post and I know normally I do a social media link. I honestly haven’t stopped running since I got back from New Orleans to look. We have two new authors debuting here at Eclectic Bard in the next 60 days so it’s all hands on deck to polish, pimp, promo, and pray for no last-minute hic-ups. As if that weren’t enough it’s also back to school, back to sports, and oh yes…we’re going to re-escrow assess your house and need X, Y, and Z in triplicate.

Writing is a stolen moment adventure for my own work right now as I line edit for a colleague. Sleep is a really pretty word, but not much more right now. And, normal is my coffee order…dark, extra bold with an espresso shot and three creams. The thing is, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love this world. I love the people I’ve met and continue to meet. I love the crazy. I love the moment by moment highs and lows that the ride takes you on when you read a really good story. And, I love that the only limits are those I put upon myself.

Today is a social media day, but as yesterday was book day or author day depending on what you followed…Here’s to the authors and the readers. You rock my world! I know what I’ve done for my Klondike bars…what about you?