Worder-world wonders

aedanSo, I have a question for alla my writer type followers here…what do we think about co-writing? Yay? Nay? Or somewhere in between?

I’ve noticed more than a few of my fellow wordsmiths out there are in collaboration mode. Does it work for you? Does is stifle creativity? Does it help with the things that we are not strong about? I want it all…give me the good, the bad, the ugly, the glorious and the abhorrent!

In other news, I know I was supposed to post yesterday. I’m running about a day behind most weeks of late, sometimes more. I have no idea where it went, nor how to recover the hours but to keep pushing through. As I know we have another new author on board, I am hopeful that the addition will shake the schedule enough that I don’t have to panic about trying to regain 24 hours…but time will tell. In the meanwhile…go read something good!  -Aedan


One response to “Worder-world wonders

  1. As to the co-writing: at this point in time I am opposed. I inadvertently was involved with a co-writing venture. The project is now essentially dead in the water. I put a lot of work into my end of it, an I am trying to figure out if there is some way to remove the other person’s parts, change the storyline and salvage. I am considering inclusion in an anthology though, I think that is a little different as each author’s work stands alone but is tied with a common theme.


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