Wording away

It’s Wednesday, another worder type day and I’m scrapping away with the vowels and consonants trying to make pretty pretty phrases that show not tell… Riiiiight. I’m staring out the window wishing that I was sitting in the sand somewhere listening to the ocean. That’s really the way of it. Just like any other job there are days you love being a writer and other days you wish you were just on vacation anywhere else but in front of your tablet daydreaming… cuz that ain’t never gonna pay the rent!

All in all I have a pretty good go of things right now. I’ve got a fantasy world I find myself enamored of, even though recent critics said I didn’t build the world very well. I can spend a great amount of time visualizing the pieces that are playing out and can get excited about the ideas, which is the first hurdle. As I’ve thought through things recently, because there is a very large decision that is looming…Is Kingdoms Fall the last book or not? I find myself floundering. I know there is more story to tell, the question is do I still want to? based on sales to date and reviews given…is this the future for the Amaranth that I see in my mind? I am working with a master plotter later this month to work out some of the kinks and hopefully by then the answers will appear…til then. ENJOY


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