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Some gave all.

I normally post on friday, and I know tomorrow is Savannah’s day so I didn’t want to pre-empt, but I wanted to take a moment to pause and remember why there is a three-day weekend happening. It isn’t a Hallmark, pull out your BBQ, grab your bag for candy from the parade holiday, although that will happen. This holiday is something more.

This holiday, also known as Decoration Day, is the day where we pause to remember that not everyone came home. Not every soldier deployed comes back to a tearful reunion after a job well done, for some families there are only  tears. Their mission in play, some paid the price that every enlisted knows is a possible punch on their card. Please, as you ‘celebrate’ stop to remember that this freedom you have is because someone else gave their full measure and will not be ‘celebrating’ today. As you ‘celebrate’ instead of wishing Happy Memorial Day to a soldier who may know many who they won’t see again, perhaps instead opt for Thank You.

Freedom isn’t free, and free men & women need to remember that our freedoms came at a very high price. Our freedom is also not guaranteed because it was ‘bought and paid for’ somewhere in the past. So, DO pause to remember, but remain vigilant that tomorrow is not promised to any of us as many of our soldiers and their families know. Please, somewhere this weekend take a moment to remember what this holiday really is, and what it isn’t.


Cover Reveal

With great excitement we are pleased to be able to reveal the cover for Savannah Verte’s debut novel due out later this summer.


Re-wording Wednesday

10454296_361006674073419_7970775334814670469_nJust reminding myself what it’s all about. Since I can’t well post pictures of all the amazing readers, this will have to get me there for now. This is the goal…to get these beauties into the hands of the readers.

As many of you know, I spent time recently working with a plotting guru and I learned A LOT! A Lot, a lot…like you’ve been mucking it up you daft buffoon a lot. 😦 It is both good and not so great all wrapped into one. I did some things right, but not everything and I sort of shot myself in the arse along the way. It is completely fixable, but it means that the path I thought I was walking has taken a slight tangent off the main trajectory that will add some legwork to the journey.

I have been an odd conflagration of plotter and pantster writer these past however longs and it will catch up to me and kill the series if I don’t fix it. I need to go back through my writing and catch the misses, then make sure that they get remedied in the next book, Kingdoms Fall…which in turn means that depending on how much I have, KF may be a transitional novel instead of the book I have been working on/thinking it to be. It also means that when I complete this process that I should have something I have been vacillating with for months now…a clear notion of if Kingdoms is the final book in the series (which was the original plan) or if it is simply the next in a larger body of work (which is what the belief had become at the time Oracle was printed.).

“The path is paved with obstacles but they too are the path.”

-Through the Oracle’s Mist

I don’t know where this road goes now, and that’s okay. I don’t need to. I have to stop, take stock of what I have and need to fill in and then step off again with the clear notion of if Kingdoms Fall will be a massive tome and the final piece of the Vengelys story, or if it is the piece that connects the dots so that the rest of the books to follow can become more than the first were.

Thank you for hanging on the journey with me. I’m anxious and excited either way. If Kingdoms is the last it simply means that the doorway is then again open to whatever comes next. If it is book III of and unknown larger number…that too is a grand adventure. Hitch up your hikers…we’re bound for something great!


Social Savie

I’m late…but with really good reason. My cover is so close to being done I can feel it in my grubby ‘lil fingertips.  *sigh*  Maybe next week I can show it to you. Meanwhile, here some editing tips from someone who’s walking the walk!

Gettin’ my fangirl on…

So normally I would be posting a social media link, and it should have been monday but I’m gonna miss on both counts. Been at the RT convention in Dallas hobnobbing with the greats and the soon to be greats…

Had a PHENOMINAL class with Cherry Adair who has achieved GOD status in my book (and I hope I win the red Friends Fight Together purse – j/s). Got a couple great squitchy hugs from the amazing Darynda Jones who blows my everything away every time I see her live. Met some ‘OHMYGODS you need to be reading these people’ new authors and had a couple insanely good meals that I will be dieting off for the next 6 months. ((Seriously…the warm whiskey pecan pie at YO is TO DIE FOR!))


COMPLETELY out of time to keep gushing…but had to pop on and post since I was nowhere near internet the last few days to do it on time. I’ll find a good social media post somewhere before my next scheduled post on Monday…Keep reading!


Wording away

It’s Wednesday, another worder type day and I’m scrapping away with the vowels and consonants trying to make pretty pretty phrases that show not tell… Riiiiight. I’m staring out the window wishing that I was sitting in the sand somewhere listening to the ocean. That’s really the way of it. Just like any other job there are days you love being a writer and other days you wish you were just on vacation anywhere else but in front of your tablet daydreaming… cuz that ain’t never gonna pay the rent!

All in all I have a pretty good go of things right now. I’ve got a fantasy world I find myself enamored of, even though recent critics said I didn’t build the world very well. I can spend a great amount of time visualizing the pieces that are playing out and can get excited about the ideas, which is the first hurdle. As I’ve thought through things recently, because there is a very large decision that is looming…Is Kingdoms Fall the last book or not? I find myself floundering. I know there is more story to tell, the question is do I still want to? based on sales to date and reviews given…is this the future for the Amaranth that I see in my mind? I am working with a master plotter later this month to work out some of the kinks and hopefully by then the answers will appear…til then. ENJOY

Social gems on Media Monday

I didn’t forget. Inspiration decided to knock my brain into high gear at 2 am and I’m in recovery mode. Still, want to make sure to share a social media gem I saw this week


F3 Friday – Go!

Margaret’s tale (the first part anyway) has been out for nearly 60 days now…Have you read it? Let’s make this glorious friday an interactive one so I can go enjoy Beltane eh?
Wherever you see this post, on the blog or one of the reprint posts…please share what your favorite part of The Red Queen was, or if you haven’t consumed it yet, what you are hoping for in the tale.